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handsome display of .expenditure and a socially
ambitious  wife,  into  a relatively less  highly-
salaried man with a higher standard of self-
criticism, aware that he will be esteemed rather f
by what he puts into his work than by what he \
gets out of it.   There will be a lot of social spilf^
tragicomedy and loss of efficiency during th^
period of the change over, and it is better to be
prepared for that.
Yet after making allowances for these transi-
tional stresses we may still look forward with some
confidence to certain phases in the onset of World
Order. War or war fear will have led everywhere
to the concentration of vast numbers of worker
upon munition work and the construction of
offensive and defensive structures of all sorts,
upon shipping, internal communications, replace-
ment structures, fortifications. There will be
both a great accumulation and control of material
and constructive machinery and also of hands
already growing accustomed to handling it. As
the possibility of conclusive victory fades and this
war muddle passes out of its distinctively military
phase towards, revolution, and as some sort of
Peace Congress assembles, it wil be not only
desirable but necessary for governments to turn
over these resotirces and activities to social
reconstruction. It will be too obviously dauger-